Thursday, 30 January 2014

Leading a Happy and Peaceful Life

Leading a happy and peaceful life is a dream of every individual. However, as this dream is not pursued in a methodical and scientific manner one thinks that it is beyond one’s control and accept life full of adversities and bad luck as wish of God. One by sheer negative thinking even blames God for all his troubles. Let us understand that God can and will never be happy giving troubles to his creatures. Can a gardener uproot the plants, planted by him? Absolutely NO. Similarly God can never be against us. 

God is synonymous with nature and we should endeavour to make nature work for us by balancing the five basic elements of Vastu – which help in vastu dosh nivaran - constructing the structures of our residential units. On this earth everything, including all substance, living creatures are made from Panchamahabhoot that is Five Basic Elements. These are The Earth, The Water, The Fire, The Wind and The Sky. These five elements are in fact very familiar with man and his environment. Nature has given them their proper place according to merit. If these elements are given appropriate places in our structures we become one with Nature with no scope left for any vastu remedies. As a matter of fact nature is the God. 

Even a simple research on certain structures and/or lives of few people with respect to their residential units can divulge that the main reason for their leading an unhappy life was imbalance of 5 basic elements of nature. Due to this imbalance there may be accidental deaths, unexplained diseases, unnecessary fights between couples etc. On the contrary if there is proper balance of 5 basic elements of nature one may observe people even with ordinary capabilities leading a happy and satisfying life with respectful children, loving couples and with no apparent diseases. 

We must understand that the five basic elements of nature are of paramount importance for the life on earth. Animals, birds and plants adhere completely to nature and that is why their lives are better than us. We raise structures of our houses, which do not allow proper sunrays, air into our houses which in turn give problems for our health, happiness, prosperity and relations among our family. Not only the raising the structures but proper care should be given in selecting a plot for building a house to achieve health, wealth, happiness, harmonious relations with the family members.

It, therefore, can safely be concluded that mental peace is definitely achieved by following the basic principles of Vastu Shastra while raising the residential or commercial structures. In addition, in case of change of house care should be taken to move into a new house which should be conforming to the Vastu principles. If this is not done then the peace of mind, happiness and prosperity will stay away from the life of people.